Yung Hugo

Yung Hugo is a Rapper form one of Myanmar’s ethnic groups, Karen. Starting the mainstream debut in 2018, he has worked his way through the music industry. He was one of the first artists powered by BG18. With first official album, Blessed, Yung Hugo topped national charts in early months of 2020. A song from Blessed album named ‘Just Friends’ was a big hit among the youths and topped the national charts for a long time. To promote the ethnic identity and language, he made a song called Yabwar Kalu in his native Karen language in December 2019. Although the song is made in an ethnic language, it was a hit in all around Myanmar. That song served as a medium to promote ethnic Karen language and culture among the people of Myanmar.

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  • 2021

    Immortal Hero Remix - Yung Hugo ft Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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